The FieldFact project (2005-2009)

The FieldFact project investigates the benefits and opportunities of Galileo in agriculture. The project increases the awareness of the sector in the potentials of Galileo and promotes the platform and associated services in agriculture. Satellite location and navigation is increasingly used in agriculture to provide the farmer and other players in agriculture accurate and timely information on where and when activities take place.
FieldFact consists of a promotion and training campaign around demonstrators showing the integration of GNSS and topographic data in farm management systems context. In order to reach as broad as possible audience, we propose to focus on two different demonstrators: This second, so-called High-End, application will serve a smaller market segment but has a formula 1 attractiveness to farmers.


For more information on the FieldFact project and the use of GNSS and spatial data and knowledge in agriculture, please contact:
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